The pedagogist at school, we talked about it with Vanna Iori

Follow Tag24 also on social networks The pedagogist at school is a book edited by Enrico Miatto, Studium Edizioni. We talked about it with Vanna Iori, former parliamentarian (deputy and then senator), and full professor of general and social pedagogy at the Catholic University of Milan, at Open Day, on Radio Cusano Campus. Iori offered … Read more

“A stolen truth” by Rosa Maria Mauceri is still talked about

“A stolen truth”, the short film released last year, taken from the autobiographical text of the same name written by Rosa Maria Mauceri who made the search for her sister Rosa Antonina a reason for living, is back again. We recall that he wrote the screenplay and directed the short to broaden the boundaries of … Read more

Rocío Lucas: “In the Lomloe curricula, when they talked about terrorism, neither ETA nor Grapo was mentioned”

Castilla y León continues to show off its good results in PISA, dropout rate, school climate… which has placed it as an educational benchmark to the point of being considered by many as the “Spanish Finland”. Perhaps for this reason, Rocío Lucas speaks with the aplomb of someone who is known to be an “educational … Read more

Young people ask for sexuality to be talked about in school but not done

Rome, June 24 (Adnkronos Salute) – Young people and sex education. They would like to, but the response they receive is poor. “A little out of curiosity, a little out of need, the boys show interest in sexual education courses or meetings in school environments”, but “almost half have never addressed the issue”, although about … Read more