Increase in class hours in schools will be to teach English

The measure of the schools is to solve competition debts in students that were caused by the pandemic The increase in class hours in the private schoolswhich will go from 25 to 30 each week, will help students, mainly in kindergarten and basic education, receive English classes, which will allow them to reach high school … Read more

Plantatio, the school that trains those who want to transmit and teach beauty

For those who wish to become missionary teachers, in order to educate and transmit in private or non-contract establishments, the Plantatio Institute, located in the Roannais, offers three-year or five-year diploma training, in France and in Liban. Discovery. Do you know that Aleteia lives only thanks to the generosity of its readers? I GIVE Aleteia … Read more

Shortage of teachers: how I was offered to teach at the start of the school year after 30 minutes of interview


Faced with a shortage of candidates, the National Education is recruiting contract teachers for the start of the school year. To apply, you don’t need to have passed the competition to be a teacher. A simple license is enough. One of our journalists has applied for the Versailles Academy. With success. Journalist at BFMTV, I … Read more

What do philosophy teachers teach? From Diogenes to “didactic skills”


A phantom debate. From fiction with Alessandro Gassmann to the Corriere series. And the belief that the philosophical method is opinionism seasoned with quotations Perhaps inevitably, even the date is debated: some sources place World Health Day philosophy on November 17, the general directorate for school regulations of the Ministry of Education organized the related … Read more

Energy@School continues to teach


The European Office of Bassa Romagna has participated at the meeting «European territorial cooperation and cohesion policies for the integrated strategies of the Emilia-Romagna Region», held on Wednesday 14 December in Bologna, in the main hall in viale Aldo Moro. An opportunity to deepeningand discussion promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region with the local administrations involved … Read more

A videogame to teach students ‘safe behaviour’: the ‘Prevention Olympics’ presented in Bari


The fifth edition of ‘Gli ScacciaRischi: the prevention Olympics’ was presented in Bari, the initiative conceived by the Inail Puglia Regional Directorate and the Health Department of the Puglia Region, in collaboration with the Regional School Office, which uses of videogames to make primary and secondary school students from Puglia aware of the risks that … Read more

With Fandango, publishing arrives in schools, to teach how to grow


“Young adults are much more adults than we think and above all as they are presented by the classic sector literature”, this is how the Fandango Books presents his narrative project “young adult”. Already in 2020, with the birth of the series “weird young”, the Roman publishing house set itself the goal of responding to … Read more

Shakira goes to Miami to teach her children their future school


A Shakira His life in Barcelona is already becoming uphill. the interpreter of Congratulations She is looking forward to going to Miami with her children as soon as she can. In fact, this weekend, Shakira took a private flight to the American city, and with her she has taken her two children, Milan and Sasha, … Read more

Congress: Fujimorist law to teach the course ‘History of Terrorism’ seeks impunity


The full of Congress approved last Thursday a bill to declare of national interest and public necessity the introduction in the national school curriculum of the course on the History of Terrorism in Peru. Congresswoman’s Initiative Jenny Lopez Morales (People’s Force) featured 81 upvotes and had the support of Popular Renewal, Avanza Country, Alliance for … Read more

Without being able to go to school, two sisters teach the art of the circus in Afghanistan


Kabul, Nov 2 (EFE) .- The Taliban regime prohibited Afghan adolescents from returning to school, but far from being intimidated, the Bahara and Najma sisters decided to encourage other young people by teaching them their great passion: the art of the circus. Bahara, 15, and Najma, 17, are still waiting for the fundamentalists to allow … Read more