Teacher attacked, the principal: “Looks out of place, it could happen almost anywhere. No mafia attitude”

A bad story involving a professor of law and economics from the Majorana Institute in Bari, Vincenzo Amoresewhich he claimed to have been beaten in school by two strangers who broke into the building to avenge a girl, to whom the teacher put a note. This, at least, is the teacher’s version: according to head … Read more

Eleven year old harassed at school, teacher arrested

Reads in: 2 minutes The story The Mobile of Caltanissetta stopped the professor. Denounced the headmaster who had dropped the victim’s complaint Published on: 10/05/2022 – 19:35 CALTANISSETTA The Caltanissetta Flying Squad arrested a middle school teacher for sexual assault. The teacher was given house arrest.The man, who teaches in a state school, exploiting his … Read more

A plaque for Mario Lodi, historical elementary school teacher


SAN GIOVANNI IN CROCE – From a very traditional early career teacher to a “revolutionary” who changed everything, focusing on the personality and talents that each child possesses. Mario Lodi he experienced a real metamorphosis at the beginning of teaching, in the elementary school of San Giovanni in Croce, where he taught from 1948 to … Read more

Educational protest Tuesday. Teacher strike and mobilization together with secondary and tertiary students against the adjustment in education


On Thursday, September 29, the teachers gathered in the assemblies of the UTE and Ademys unions, voted in favor of calling a 24-hour teacher strike. with mobilization not only against the successive reforms without consultation and the cuts both in education and in other areas linked to it (such as health and disability) but also … Read more

Secularism at school: in most cases “complicated situations are resolved through dialogue”, says a teacher union


Rémy Sirvent, national secretary of the SE-Unsa teachers’ union, asks, Saturday, October 1 on franceinfo, for details on the “increase in reports” attack on secularism at school announced Friday by the Minister of National Education Pap Ndiaye. It highlights that in most cases, “complicated situations are resolved through dialogue”. Certain items of clothing, in particular … Read more

Educational reforms for teacher training


THE NEW SCENARIOS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Educational reforms are understood as design programs initiated and directed by political bodies such as States, governments and international organizations. As such, they are interventions from above, this is at the macro or system level, trying to provide solutions to detected problems, which are intended to be implemented below where … Read more

Emergency at Itagüí school: five students and one teacher suffered burns after experiment


An academic work ended in an accident inside a school located in the municipality of Itagüí, Antioquia. In the middle of an experiment with flammable material, five students and the teacher in charge of the activity were burned. The authorities began an investigation process to clarify the incident. The victims are enrolled in the fourth … Read more

Toulouse: pupils of the Patte d’Oie kindergarten have been deprived of a teacher since the start of the school year


Since the start of the school year, the 28 pupils of a middle and large section class at the Patte d’Oie kindergarten in Toulouse have been without a teacher. On maternity leave, the mistress has still not been replaced permanently. The parents today express their dissatisfaction and organize a rally in front of the establishment. … Read more

Letter from a support teacher: “Cell phones at school to be banned, rediscover the life of relationships and commitment”


The “feeling of community” must be safeguarded in our educational systems, in the words of the African American writer and feminist Bell Hooks, that is, the danger of losing a feeling of “closeness to the world” must be avoided, just as the fear of difference, which separates us from others. Starting from the “school planet”. … Read more

Reform of technical and vocational institutes: teacher training and new timetable frameworks. Decree in the Official Gazette [SCARICA PDF]

Published in the Official Journal no. 223 of 23 September 2022 the decree-law of 23 September 2022, n. 144 on “Additional urgent measures in the field of national energy policy, business productivity, social policies and for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR)” The reform of technical and professional institutes Innovation, network … Read more