Educational inequalities: the fault of the teachers?

Created by JM Blanquer to replace the Cnesco, deemed too independent, the School’s Evaluation Council, chaired by B. Gille, is organizing its first seminar on December 6. It takes up a subject discussed at a Cnesco consensus conference: educational inequalities. The CEE invites two experts who are close to it: Eric Charbonnier (OECD) and Thierry … Read more

Public education teachers with children with serious illnesses: “They systematically deny us a reduction in working hours”

Luna, Unai, Natalia, Leire and Dylan don’t know each other, but they share several things: they sleep poorly, have a serious illness and at least one of their parents is a public school teacher. Also, that their families are sad, angry, tired and anguished. They have been requesting a 50% reduction in working hours and … Read more



On the problem relating to the criteria for assigning teachers to classes or complexes (both in the same municipality and in other municipalities) we have repeatedly expressed our opinion, providing it with precise legal and contractual provisions – click here to download – Unfortunately, we have to note, and at the beginning of the school … Read more

“No to digital which excludes students, parents and teachers with disabilities! »


This column appears in The world of education. If you are subscribed to World, you can subscribe to this weekly newsletter by following this link. As the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated on December 3, we recall that a truly inclusive school must use digital tools accessible to all. We are 12 … Read more

School, the effects of the demographic winter: 1.5 million pupils, 60,000 teachers and 3,000 school principals less in the next ten years


No cuts but a “sizing” of the school system, to respond to the changes taking place in society and to respect European constraints. The Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, thus presents the reorganization plan of the Italian school envisaged for the next few years. Which sees, in just over ten years, a reduction of about … Read more

Salary December 2022: teachers and ATAs suspended for failure to comply with the vaccination obligation will have neither thirteenth salary nor arrears for those months

The salary amount + thirteenth month of December 2022 is arriving on current accounts and in any case already viewable on NoiPA. A small bonus, to which the arrears of the three-year period 2019/21 will add up in a few days. The total sum varies for each one, based on the professional profile and length … Read more

School at the crossroads/ Our pupils and the report cards to give to their teachers


A few days ago, the Agnelli Foundation’s “Eduscopio” ranking of Italian schools provided interesting and useful information both for families, who have to make important choices together with their children, and for the country, which is presented with virtuous examples of schools. Good practices, as they say, which could be used to improve the quality … Read more

EDUCATION: Epidemics mobilize replacement teachers in the Dijon academy


During a situation update, this Thursday, December 1, the rector Pierre N’Gahane reviewed current school issues: number of substitutes, autonomy of teachers, territorial consultations, attacks on secularism and the fight against illiteracy. While the question of teacher recruitment – ​​both by a relatively low number of registrations for the competition and by the uncertainties linked … Read more

The future of education passes through digital skills: teachers and school administrators will be the protagonists at Sedici Modi di Dire Ciao


The adoption of digital learning it requires a change of perspective, a completely different mindset, which in many cases has been lacking. Digital is not an alternative tool or simply an accessory, but it can play a major role compared to traditional training. If used well, it stimulates greater interaction with students and facilitates learning … Read more

Teachers worried about possible power cuts in schools


Power cuts in schools? This is one of the measures envisaged by the government to remedy the tensions that could arise this winter on the French electricity network. the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiayesaid during a trip to the Educatech Expo in Paris on Thursday 1 December that schools could indeed subject to targeted … Read more