Teaching staff recruitment. Waiting for the new procedure

In illustrating the programmatic lines to the chamber and senate culture commissions, Minister Valditara, regarding the recruitment of teaching staff, stated that “Recruitment of teaching staff is one of the more difficult passages of all the administrative management of the school staff” this for three orders of reasons:• the first linked to the high number … Read more

Teaching | A major in “Agriculture & Food engineering” at the ESILV engineering school at the start of the 2023 academic year

L’ESILV is a general engineering school at the heart of digital technologies based in Paris La Défense which opened a new campus in Nantes in September 2022. It has long been called “ College Pasqua in reference to its creator. Aware of the importance of the agricultural sector and the new technologies that accompany it, … Read more

After three months of teaching I had to give way to a colleague. What’s the point of all this?


Dear Minister Giuseppe Valditara, All ninety-three of my students greet you. They told me this this morning, while I said goodbye to them with the promise that we will see each other again, that I will tell the teacher who will take my place to treat them well, to be patient if it takes them … Read more

For Pascal Praud: teaching German at school is useless


A few days ago, on RTL, Thérèse Clerc, president of the Association for the Development of German Education in France was invited. She was called to testify on the drop in the number of pupils choosing the German language at school. In 1994, 651,000 pupils were counted, there are only 150,000 today. The Spaniard has … Read more

Del Pozo advances that subsidized centers will have teaching reinforcements to promote digitization


GRANADA, Nov. 25 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Andalusian subsidized centers will have teaching reinforcements from this course on to promote digitization in the classrooms, according to what the Minister of Educational Development and Vocational Training, Patricia del Pozo, has advanced this Friday at the XVI Congress of Catholic Schools ‘Inspirers of meetings ‘, held in … Read more

Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón, presenter of ‘Órbita Laika’, Smartick Award for Best Teaching Story 2022


Mathematician and professor at the University of La Rioja, Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón has been presenting ‘Orbita Laika’ since 2019, the popular science television program broadcast on Spanish Television/COMMUNICATIONS/ Mathematician and professor at the University of La Rioja, Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón has been presenting ‘Orbita Laika’ since 2019, the popular science television program broadcast … Read more

Santa Cruz School: 121 years of teaching by the Bueno River

At the end of the 19th century, the Bueno River basin stood as a working land based on agriculture and the constant movement of merchandise from the port of Trumao, but it was also a place of evangelization for Catholic missionaries. The town of Río Bueno itself was a fundamental enclave between Valdivia and Osorno … Read more

Teaching languages ​​differently: what the example of the Netherlands teaches us


While there is regular talk in France of transforming education to better meet current challenges, this concern, in a rapidly changing world, is not confined to France, far from it. In the Netherlands, for example, although there was already talk in 1968 of a major education reform Affecting both the content of the programs and … Read more

Mathematics education: the teaching of natural numbers based on an experiential approach


full time in school Through the study of natural numbers the student can be given a approach to mathematics that is motivating and interesting and above all, experiential. How? There are several strategies that allow teachers to make students apply what they learn about numbers in practice. GO TO THE COURSE In lower secondary school, … Read more

Being a researcher is more difficult than teaching at school, with 1 out of 3 contracts not renewed and career impossible: blitz at the Ministry


There were not only school and university students among the 150,000 who paraded in almost 50 squares in Italy: among them, mixed, demonstrating against the policies of reduction of expenditure for Education and the “corporateisation” of the school, there were also public researchers. “No to zero-cost reforms” In Rome, where the march was made up … Read more