Nicolás, one of the “marginalized” grandchildren of Margarita II, will speak on television after losing his royal title

On September 28, 2022, the Danish monarchy saw its foundations shake after the official announcement of the queen Danish Daisy (82 years): withdraw the titles of princes to the four descendants of his youngest son, Joachim from Denmark (53). An important change that will become affective on January 1, 2023. By decision of the sovereign, … Read more

Television violence before the age of 3 can cause psychological disorders until adolescence

The effects of television violence… The detection of early factors influencing the later well-being of the child is an important line of research. It is as important to the health of individuals as it is to society as a whole. There are multiple factors. In particular, the long-term risks of early exposure to violence in … Read more

EXCLUDED. Mélanie Gonzalez (Large families): what television allowed her to do for the first time


For an interview for Télé Star, to discover in its entirety on Monday, November 28, Mélanie Gonzalez confided in what television has allowed her to do. Mélanie Gonzalez made a name for herself in Large families life in XXL. During an interview for Star TV, to discover in its entirety on Monday, November 28, 2022, … Read more

Climate change for preschoolers: a television program explores uncharted territory


Special for Infobae of The New York Times. Francis Gaskin, 4, who lives with his family in Houston, has a favorite episode of his new favorite Netflix cartoon: When the Amazon rainforest canopy dries up from excess heat, frantic howler monkeys must move to the lower kingdoms of the jungle and cause chaos among the … Read more

Television: why some prime time movie and show times will be delayed


By Maxime T’sjoen Published on 6 Jan 22 at 21:01 News See my news Follow this media Several channels will shift their schedules for the first part of the evening programs. (© Adobe Stock) The evening movie, which starts at 8.45 p.m., has long been a thing of the past. And it’s not going to … Read more

Pablo Iglesias allies with Roures to create an online television that influences the next elections


Pablo Iglesias is going to have his own media platform. The former Vice President of the Government has presented a new news project together with Jaume Roures in which political content will play a leading role. As Confidencial Digital has learned from sources around Pablo Iglesias, in the coming days the former leader of Podemos … Read more

The Addams Family returns to television with Tim Burton


Since they appeared as a comic strip in the magazine The New Yorker In 1938 by the hand of its creator, the cartoonist Charles Addams, Morticia, Homer, Wednesday, Pericles, Uncle Fetido, Largo, Grandma and Thing became part of popular culture. The impact was even greater when in 1964 they landed on television, in a program … Read more

Television: the daily life of this couple from Loire


By Marion Vallee Published on 13 Nov 22 at 18:46 The Mail of the Pays de Retz See my news Follow this media Tressy, Olivia, 33, and Nathan, 5, took part in the program “Les Mamans”, broadcast on the 6ter channel. ©Marie ETCHEGOYEN/W9 In 2019, fans of the docu-reality The mothersbroadcast on 6ter (cousin of … Read more

Containment: France 4 launches school at home… on television


School at home with lessons given on television? This will be possible from this Monday, March 23 on the antennas of France Télévisions. Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, the public audiovisual group has changed its schedules to support confined students, from CP to terminale, in their schooling. The watchword: “Stay at home, but keep your … Read more

20 years of love on television: these emblematic couples who still hold today


For years, iconic couples have formed on television. Viewers have witnessed the birth of romances that are still relevant today! Like dating sites and friend groups, TV shows have also become a popular place to find your soul mate. For years, they have flourished on our screens. From Turn merry-go-round to Love is in the … Read more