The incoherent wind of Verso Sud, which doesn’t stop, and Roberto Corradino’s idea of ​​theater | BonCulture

Roberto Corradino is artistic director for the theater and performing arts of the Murgia festival Verso Sud. On stage in Corato he has brought important names and super experimental projects that are difficult to see in the programming of places far from the large centers of cultural production. We at Bonculture interviewed him. Corradino, what … Read more

12th Festival of Brilliant Amateur Theater “Colli Aniene”

Antonio Barcella – November 24, 2022 Sunday 20 November 2022 ended with the awarding of the companies participating in the Brilliant Amateur Theater Festival “Colli Aniene – Rome” – CORTI SOCIAL.We remind you that this year the Festival was organized in two different ways: an initial part online through the Facebook page of the “I … Read more

With martial music and night illumination they commemorate the 101 years of the Alhambra Theater in Taltal


With the sound of martial music -as was the tradition before each performance- and lighting on its great façade, the Alhambra Theater in Taltal celebrated its 101 years of history this Monday, November 21 at 9:00 p.m., under the gaze of dozens of of families who attended this act convened by the municipality. History On … Read more

UV Theater Festival will pay tribute to Francisco Beverido and Manuel Montoro


The Universidad Veracruzana (UV), the highest house of studies of the Entity, celebrates the 31st edition of its renowned University Theater Festival, whose realization has become a characteristic seal for the area of ​​the arts that has been so closely related to the history of this university. And it is that the UV, considered the … Read more

NutrimentINPeriferia, double appointment at the theater with Angelo Campolo


In the coming days, as part of the NutrimentINPeriferia project, two shows will be staged in Messina featuring the actor and director Angelo Campolo. Sunday 20 November at 18.30, at the Teatro Annibale Maria di Francia, “To you and your family – History of an educational experience” written by Angelo Campolo and … Read more

The Alighieri theater opens to the schools of Ravenna. “Back to school in the theater”


The dialogue that for over twenty-five years has guided young and very young people in the surprising territories of live entertainment and to the discovery of that jewel that is the Alighieri Theater in Ravenna could only be reconnected as follows: A school in the theater starts again in the double sign of general rehearsals … Read more

The National Theater of Brittany and the National Theater of Prague on stage together


It all started when Marta Ljubková, playwright from the National Theater in Prague, came to the TNB (National Theater of Brittany) festival in reindeer, Four years ago. “I was amazed by the showsshe says. I discovered the work of director Arthur Nauzyciel, so different from ours. » When he returns, everything speeds up. Arthur Nauzyciel … Read more

Pushing the boundaries of theater with Nick Gray – La Rotonde


Visual credit: Nick Gray – Courtesy Interview conducted by Mabinty Toure – Journalist On October 26, 2022, Youth Ottawa announced the winners of the 25th annual RBC Capital Spirit Awards. Among them, Nick Gray, a student at the University of Ottawa (U of O), stands out in the Arts and Culture category with works that … Read more

The infatuation between a city and theater people from all over Spain


Mariano Martin Gordillo, Philosophy teacher and theater fan. Born in 1962, this Philosophy professor at IES number 5 in Avilés, in addition to being a professor of Educational Sciences, is one of the most faithful spectators of the Palacio Valdés. He has three blogs, one on education, another on cinema and a third, entitled “In … Read more