‘Armageddon Time’ Features Banks Repeta, Jaylin Webb On Drama’s 1980s Setting: ‘It’s Like A Different Dimension’

1980 set from In Focus Features armageddon time, Banks Repeta plays Paul Graff, a Jewish child living in Queens with his close-knit family. A budding artist, Paul is at an age where the expectations placed on him by his parents (played by Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong) are becoming increasingly serious and intense. But while … Read more

Time trial in Congress to save several projects at the end of the year

Some key reforms only have these two weeks to be approved; Otherwise, they will collapse, since the first legislative period ends on December 16. One of these is the political reform and there is also the one that seeks to reduce the salary of congressmen. The political reforman initiative presented by the Petro administration and … Read more

For the first time in history, the children of Valladolid decide the destination of 300,000 euros from the Municipal Budget


Description If children had decision-making power, where would the investments be made? In Valladolid, this question already has an answer: for the first time in the history of the city, the youngest have not only been able to give their opinion, but have also had the possibility of choosing where part of the investments of … Read more

The Juan de Mena school is dyed white and green to celebrate Andalusian Flag Day for the first time


The educational community of the Juan de Mena public school in Cordova capital has hosted this Thursday the early celebration of Andalusian Flag Daythat Junta de Andalucía has agreed that it will be commemorated for the first time this year and that it will be done every December 4th in the region. The counselor of … Read more

The children of Valladolid decide for the first time the destination of 300,000 euros for investments in nine projects aimed at children


The children of Valladolid have decided for the first time the destination of 300,000 euros for investments in nine projects aimed at children, such as routes equipped to circulate in the surroundings of a school with bicycles and scooters, parking lots for bicycles, installations of fountains surrounded by trees, a space for the meeting of … Read more

EXCLUDED. Mélanie Gonzalez (Large families): what television allowed her to do for the first time


For an interview for Télé Star, to discover in its entirety on Monday, November 28, Mélanie Gonzalez confided in what television has allowed her to do. Mélanie Gonzalez made a name for herself in Large families life in XXL. During an interview for Star TV, to discover in its entirety on Monday, November 28, 2022, … Read more

Television: why some prime time movie and show times will be delayed


By Maxime T’sjoen Published on 6 Jan 22 at 21:01 News See my news Follow this media Several channels will shift their schedules for the first part of the evening programs. (© Adobe Stock) The evening movie, which starts at 8.45 p.m., has long been a thing of the past. And it’s not going to … Read more

Vigevano also has its time capsules: containers full of objects from our time, to be opened in the future


It is hard to think about what everyday objects will be in 2029. Will mobile phones still be made like this? And the USB pen, will it still be needed? Will anyone wear the watch on their wrist? And concert tickets: will they print them, or will they only be available in digital format? Wikipedia … Read more

Netflix’s 7 Highest Rated TV Shows Of All Time, According To Rotten Tomatoes | Pretty Reel


It’s a competitive world for streaming giants these days. Between Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max and more, it’s certainly hard for viewers to keep up with all the acclaimed series that are seemingly available at the push of a button. Netflix in particular has had many universally loved series to its name over the years. … Read more