The Province of Grosseto respects the times of the PNRR: 10 million euros for schools

Grosseto: The Province of Grosseto respects i times of the PNRR, the National recovery and resilience plan: all the contracts involving the school construction of high schools are proceeding expeditiously, for which an overall allocation of resources of around 10 million euros has been obtained. The works will be awarded by 31 December 2022, the … Read more

America needs five times as many child psychiatrists

Bloomberg Opinion — Between falling test scores and rising rates of mental illness, America’s children are not doing well. Covid is an easy villain, but the signs of stress appeared long before this virus took hold: anxiety among children rose 27% and depression 24% between 2016 and 2019, according to data from the National Health … Read more

At noon in Mondeville, students waste three times less food than the national average

Last week and as they do once a month, the students of the school in the center of Mondeville weighed the leftover food they left in their tray at the end of the service. It turns out that the Kindergarten students left “only” 23 grams of food each and per meal, barely more for the … Read more

Television: why some prime time movie and show times will be delayed


By Maxime T’sjoen Published on 6 Jan 22 at 21:01 News See my news Follow this media Several channels will shift their schedules for the first part of the evening programs. (© Adobe Stock) The evening movie, which starts at 8.45 p.m., has long been a thing of the past. And it’s not going to … Read more

CINEMA: times, plots and stars of the films scheduled today, Tuesday 22 November 2022


Programming in theaters in the province of Imperia. On the poster and in the images, the film at the Roof 4 of the Ariston in Sanremo SAN REMO Ariston (tel. 0184 506060)Locked down Ritz cinema (tel. 0184 506060)– DIABOLIK – GINKO ON THE ATTACK – hours 16.45 – 19.10 – 21.15 – by Marco Manetti, … Read more

Teatro Principal, the coliseum with 260 years of history | the times gone


The HHistory of more than 260 years of the Teatro Principal It has been very complex. It not only functioned as a theater stage, it also served as a store for cannons and powder magazines, and was even used for bullfights and cockfights. As if that were not enough, the old 18th century coliseum, suffered … Read more

Budget Law: 30 billion for bills, but hard times for school: small change and ministerial spending review

The priority is the bills. The government has been clear and leaves no room for misunderstanding: the situation is serious, we need to rush to approve the Budget Law by 31 December. There will be two the measures in financial matters by the executive. The first, worth 9.5 billion, will be the Aid Quater Decree … Read more

Budget Law, dark times for school: at least 15 billion for bills, then Superbonus and Citizenship Income

The Budget Law will allocate at least 15 billion euros to the energy dossier. It is learned from government sources, on the eve of the Council of Ministers on the update of the Nadef. The government meeting, which has not yet been officially convened, is scheduled for late afternoon. There is also an “extraordinary maintenance” … Read more

The Class of 1972 of the former National College came together to remember old times


The former National College It has had much talked about promotions, especially those that boasted of having Cortázar, Cancio, Capredoni, etc. as teachers. There were more outstanding and less, with more brilliant and less splendid members; but there is one constant: almost always for an important anniversary such as the silver anniversary or the golden … Read more

Against expensive bills, heating at calibrated times in the Municipality and smart working on Saturdays


The Municipality of Verona has launched a plan for energy saving in municipal buildings. A saving that has been estimated at one and a half million euros for this year and at three million for next year. Money that will be used to cope with the many increases in other sectors and to support the … Read more