“With the ‘ius scholae’ an act of trust is carried out in the work of the school community”

Thirty years after Law 91, which entered into force on February 5, 1992, most of the political parties have maintained a hostile orientation to the conferral of Italian citizenship on immigrants, when the social, economic and demographic reality manifest completely different needs. Our legislation in this regard is one of the most rigid in the … Read more

Excluded. “The owners do not trust”: the Jean

A tight-knit family! In 2021, TF1 viewers discovered a new tribe in the docu-reality program Large families: life in XXL. In a relationship for twenty-one years, Raoudha and Stéphane Jean-Zephirin are the parents of eight children and soon to be nine! A pregnancy more complicated to live for the mother of the family. “A ninth … Read more

Blog | In the elections I will vote blank: I don’t trust anyone. Especially on the school


And the elections arrived. Of course, anticipate. Fantozzi who felt very much his right and duty to citizen participated as always in uncertainty, indecision and fear of making mistakes, once again. He then began to read everything, from the extreme right to the extreme left … Then he said he was ill and shut himself … Read more