Equality at school: We don’t need uniforms, we need sex education

For the RN (And Brigitte Macron) the uniform would erase the inequalities between the students. These traditionalist and pro-secular frenzies make do with history and deliberately ignore the reality on the ground. And if we imposed the uniform on the students? For the National Rally, this would be the miracle solution to erase inequalities in … Read more

From selling uniforms to becoming the ‘Colombian Nike’, the story of this company from Ibaguero

When he was a child, Miguel Fernando Castillo liked the sheriffs (sheriffs) from American movies and he played like them, but he couldn’t pronounce the English word correctly and he said ‘sheffy’, he said it with such grace that that not only became his nickname, but it is the name that He gave the company … Read more

At L’Aigle, for or against wearing school uniforms?


By Marantine Mauguin Published on 17 Dec 22 at 7:32 The Norman awakening See my news Follow this media Does wearing a uniform really fight against inequalities? ©Illustration Adobe Stock school uniform, a vast subject that unleashes passions. Contrary to what one might think, wearing a uniform was never compulsory at school, only the blouse … Read more

Uniforms at school, Le Pen proposal rejected. Ideological and gender issues?


The topic of school clothing – or school dress code – has been a debate since the 1990s. The new issues related to gender identity, the liberalization of clothing within public buildings observed in the last 30 years have sparked a debate not only of an administrative and political nature, but also of an educational … Read more

Colegio Superior de Señoritas charges ¢70,000 for uniforms and other entrance requirements


The authorities of the Colegio Superior de Señoritas received a barrage of criticism when announcing, on its official Facebook page, the prices of the uniforms and other requirements for admission in 2023. For a blouse, the parents must pay ¢13,000, for the petticoat, ¢14,000; the scarf costs ¢6,000; the headband, ¢2,000; stockings ¢1,800. The physical … Read more

The new “green uniforms” for the Dalmine Foundation? The schools design them


Bergamo. From the design to the creation of the new uniforms of the Dalmine Foundation staff. This is the challenge contained in the new project UNIFORM. Dalmine Foundation dressessustainable designed by Dalmine Foundation and RadiciGroup in collaboration with Confindustria Bergamo, Confindustria Brescia and DKB sport which leaves on Thursday 29 September at 9.30. Two schools … Read more

High Levels of PFAS Detected in School Uniforms


According to a study published today in Environmental science and technology. The researchers detected PFAS in all of the “stain-resistant” school uniforms they tested from nine popular brands. Most of the products had concentrations as high as those in outdoor clothing. “PFAS have no place in any clothing, but their use in school uniforms is … Read more

William and Kate accompany their children to school: matching uniforms for the little princes, polka dots for the Duchess


William and Kate’s children will return to school on 8 September. The dukes together with George, Louis and Charlotte have meanwhile visited the prestigious institute. Turn on notifications to receive updates on It’s time to “back to school” for the royals too. The first to return to the stalls were the princes of Monaco, the … Read more

REPORTAGE. UK middle and high school girls fight ‘to ban school uniforms from sex shops’


In the classroom where they are gathered, in their college in Sandbach, in the north of England, they rejoice at the idea of ​​opening a packet of cakes brought by their teacher. Like children, which they still are. They all wear the uniform imposed by the establishment: blue jacket, white shirt, striped tie, checkered skirt. … Read more