Miele, Lega: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”, Lega’s conference with Minister Valditara tomorrow in Latina School, innovation and Pnr, these issues will be discussed tomorrow in Latina in the presence of the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, in the conference entitled: “PNRR: SCHOOL PLAN 4.0, Innovative Learning Environments”. An initiative strongly … Read more

Maturity 2023, students in protest against Valditara: “You always only take steps backwards, school closed to dialogue”

There High School Student Network keep attacking the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara. This time the crux of the matter is the how the 2023 high school exam will take place, as was decided by the ministry at the end of last December. L’state exam, this year, will essentially be the same as … Read more

School, Minister Valditara: “A tutor in the classroom for difficult students as early as next year”


Minister Valditara, what kind of school will be that of 2023 and in general the one that the government has in mind?«I would like to start from a historic anniversary: ​​this year marks the 75th anniversary of the entry into force of the Constitution which has the concept of the person at its centre. As … Read more

Maturity 2023, everything changes, this is how it will be: Valditara wants to return to the pre


The Minister of Education Joseph Vallettara has already anticipated what are the new arrivals on the Maturity 2023: everything changes from next year. The intention of the Minister, after having also consulted “experts and insiders” is that of go back to pre Covid rulesdefined as the “most reasonable choice”. So it returns interdisciplinary conversation to … Read more

Valditara and the obsession with the CGIL


The attack on the union hides the failure of its ability to govern. And it shows the real enemy of the minister: the democratic school of the Constitution The newspaper interview The paper by the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara, in which he explicitly attacks “the hegemony of the CGIL over the school” … Read more

Education Minister Valditara: “The strike is an outdated idea. Enough with the school of 1968”


The strike is a right recognized and protected by the Constitution (art. 40). A right that workers all over the world have obtained after centuries of struggles and sacrifices. But the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara, first a supporter of An and then of the League, he threw it away because, according to him, “He … Read more

Does school prepare you for work or for life? Malpezzi (Pd) against Valditara: studying serves to decode thought, having tools to read reality


Senator Simona Malpezzi (Pd) Does school primarily serve to train young people, preparing them to become citizens or to find work? Anyone who understands didactics knows well that training has the initial purpose of promoting individual development, supporting everyone’s aptitudes; among the results of this process there is also the introduction of young people into … Read more

Alfieri: “The letter sent to students by Minister Valditara is beautiful and significant”

“The letter that the Minister of Education, prof. Giuseppe Valditara, wanted to address parents, students and teachers in view of the opening of enrollments for the 2023/2024 school year”. Thus begins a note edited by Sister Anna Monia AlfieriKnight of Merit of the Republic, well-known face of television and champion of equal schools “The Minister … Read more

Here is job placement in the Valditara decree


The decree approving the orientation guidelines, the so-called job placement. A provision, according to the minister, which introduces “a figure within the organizational framework of each educational institution who, on the basis of the data on employment prospects transmitted by the ministry, dialogues with families and students with a view to facilitating the continuation of … Read more

School regionalization, Valditara: “It’s not on the agenda. There are other priorities”

The Ministry of Education and Merit slows down the regionalization of education Giuseppe Valditara: for the moment he would not be at the center of the process carried out by the Government and on which the League pushes a lot. Not right away, at least. “It is not on the agenda”, sources at the Ministry … Read more