Vicente Aranda – “Cambio de sexo” (“I want to be a woman”)

Victoria Abril boy © Karmafilms Dazzling Victoria Abril. Who, from the age of 17, could already play and play with masculine and feminine codes, dare to play one of the first trans-identity roles in the cinema in a country where homosexuality itself was still prohibited. Because let us know, it was not Almodovar who discovered … Read more

Colomo, Gutiérrez Aragón, Resines, Victoria Abril and Andrés Vicente Gómez will receive the Spike of Honor at the 67th Seminci

The director of the Valladolid International Film Week, Javier Angulo, announced today five new Spikes of Honor that will be awarded during the next edition of the festival, the 67th, which will start this Saturday, October 22. Thus, to those already known for the Irish filmmaker Jim Sheridan (at the closing ceremony) and for the … Read more

Why Vicente Fernández did not finish school


“The king, Vicente Fernandez” is a musical biographical series that tells the official story of the greatest legend of ranchera music. In the wake of this productionavailable from September 14, 2022 on Netflix, the life of the “Charro from Huentitan” has become relevant, so many want to know intimate details of his life before becoming … Read more