Manzoni students reflect against violence against women

For the day against violence against women, the students of the Manzoni high school have implemented various initiatives “An opportunity to reflect on the current theme” LECCO – Men, women, boys, politics. The whole world stopped on Friday to make room for the silent scream of all those women, victims of violence, who didn’t make … Read more

Domestic violence: a “new start pack” tested in January

The government will experiment from January a “fresh start package” for “better support” victims of domestic violence, explained on Saturday November 26 on franceinfo Isabelle Rome, minister responsible for gender equality, the day after the World Day against violence against women. ” To better protect and support women victims of intra-family violence, we are launching … Read more

Yohanna, the athlete and civil guard who teaches victims of gender violence to defend themselves

“Fire!” “Fire!” A woman runs desperately through a park in León at night. She is one of the students of Yohanna Alonso, Civil Guard and elite athlete. For years, she has taught workshops on Self Defense a women victims of gender violence to provide them with the necessary tools to avoid aggression. And it also … Read more

Lucena claims freedom from violence against women

The Plaza de Archidona, next to the Castillo del Moral, has once again been, on November 25, the setting chosen by the Lucena City Council and the Local Women’s Council to claim a coexistence without inequalities between women and men, free of any form of gender violence. The events coordinated by the Municipal Women’s Information … Read more

Invincible Schools Against Gender Violence


Within the framework of the commemoration of the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women, the program ‘Invincible Schools against gender violence’ was created, where the Valle’s Department of Education together with the Department of Women, Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity of the department came together to work hand in hand with managers, teachers, school … Read more

The City Council and the College of Pharmacists sign a collaboration agreement whereby the more than 400 pharmacies in the city will help to inform, raise awareness and prevent possible cases of gender violence


The Seville City Council and the Seville College of Pharmacists have signed this Friday, coinciding with the celebration of 25N, the International Day against Violence against Women, a collaboration agreement through which the network of pharmacies in the Seville capital, made up of For 407 health establishments, it will become safe spaces for victims and … Read more

Day against violence against women: the State Police on the field


Brescia. On the day in which women victims of domestic and gender-based violence are remembered, the State Police promotes the ongoing awareness campaign “This is not love” which provides for meeting activities in all Italian provinces to break the isolation and pain of the victims of this violence, offering the support of a team of … Read more

Conferences against gender violence and for human rights are announced (+ Photos and Video) • Workers


The National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex) announced at a press conference on November 23 the objectives and main activities of the Days against gender violence and for human rights, which take place every year between November 25 and November 10. december. This edition has the objective of strengthening the capacities of social actors and … Read more

November 25: Day to Commemorate the Elimination of Violence against Women


Denouncing the violence that is exerted on women and girls around the world and demanding policies in all countries for its eradication moved the world to commemorate today, November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This day is a reminder that as a society we have a responsibility to build … Read more