It is illegal, the “voluntary” quota in Baja California schools

The State Congress approved an exhortation addressed to the secretary of education Gerardo Arturo Solís Benavides to instruct the directors of public primary, secondary and upper secondary schools to refrain from charging mandatory fees under the guise of being voluntary. Deputy Sergio Moctezuma Martínez López, from Morena, warned that school fees in public schools are … Read more

Voluntary tutors: the first step was the reimbursement decree two years ago

Something is moving on the front of the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the guardians of unaccompanied foreign minors: on 13 June the Ministry of the Interior sent the draft provision for the acquisition of the prescribed concert to the Ministry of Economy. The news was given by Undersecretary Carlo Sibilia, that yesterday the Constitutional … Read more

Abinader advocates for voluntary military service in schools

He said that the initiative directed by General Justo Martín Almilcar Fernández, director of the General Directorate of Voluntary Military Service (SMV), would be carried out in those private schools that require it, clarifying that it will not be mandatory. “I am going to personally deal with this because these young people, you are the … Read more