Anguía School where Pedro Castillo will cast his vote does not have adequate classrooms for learning

Congressman Edward Málaga was the one who filed the constitutional complaint against Peruvian President Pedro Castillo. Photo: Andean President Pedro Castillo traveled to Cajamarca to cast his vote in these regional and municipal elections. As is known, the president must pay in the province of Chota and in the district of Anguia. However, the teachers … Read more

Hanabanilla floating school favors the popular vote (+Photos)

Villa Clara, Sep 25 (ACN) Natividad Espino Luis and Diurys López Aguilar were the first people to exercise their right to vote in the floating school of this intramontane lake, as part of the popular vote throughout the country during today’s day, that will determine the approval of the New Family Code. … Read more

Italy to the vote, all parties have major projects on the School: the public sector most cut in the last 15 years


Here we are, enough with the programs: the time has come political elections. Before and for the entire duration of the opening of the polls, therefore until 11.00 pm on Sunday 25 September, no politician will be able to speak anymore. Also because what they had to say they have said and reiterated several times … Read more

Blog | In the elections I will vote blank: I don’t trust anyone. Especially on the school


And the elections arrived. Of course, anticipate. Fantozzi who felt very much his right and duty to citizen participated as always in uncertainty, indecision and fear of making mistakes, once again. He then began to read everything, from the extreme right to the extreme left … Then he said he was ill and shut himself … Read more

«Class formation criteria: no vax distributed no more than 2 per class. The teachers vote no »


MASSA -CARRARA – «A disturbing circular has appeared on the website of the Palma-Gentileschi Institute of Massa-Carrara inviting teachers to view a draft relating to the criteria for the formation of future first classes; in fact, each school is required to deliberate the criteria by which the beginner classes are formed; also in the circular … Read more

Obligatory questions, challenges, and a vote of confidence for the new head of the SEP – Future Education


Eduardo Grajales They say that there is no better way to judge someone than by their results, and as a result, the teacher Leticia Ramírez, recently appointed head of the SEP, has the vote of confidence and big questions to answer. However, judging by his background, it can be seen that the movement made by … Read more

Elections 2022, Forza Italia: “Also to vote on September 26”. Another day of lessons lost for the polling schools?


The political electionsplanned for Sunday 25 September, they are coming closer. A little more than a month after this date, a proposal arrives from many parts which, if implemented, is destined to upset the plans of many teachers and school managers. Some representatives of the political world, especially many Forza Italia membersthey are in fact … Read more

Mattarella dissolves the Chambers: we will vote on 25 September


The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella at the end of the consultations, on 10 December 2016, at the Quirinale (VINCENZO PINTO / AFP / Getty Images) 340 Visits Voting takes place on 25 September The Council of Ministers confirms: voting on 25 September. The Council of Ministers The Council of Ministers has just begun … Read more

Vote on the law on free relay houses in Luxembourg: an essential step towards equal opportunities for every child


On July 12, 2022, the Chamber of Deputies adopted the law on free non-formal education. From the start of the 2022-2023 school year, reception in non-formal education structures during school weeks will be free, for children enrolled in basic education, from compulsory schooling. This law represents an important step in education policy: by guaranteeing free … Read more

Association of Journalists agrees political vote in favor of Approval in exit plebiscite

Through a document baptized as the Letter of Chillán, the Association of Journalists referred to the conclusions of its last national congress and announced its support for the I approve option for the constitutional exit plebiscite on September 4. As stated, “in Chillán, Ñuble region, on May 27, 28 and 29, 2022, collegiate journalists and … Read more