“School, transport, health care: young people walking in the abandoned south”, the appeal of Monsignor Accrocca

The “internal areas“Should not be abandoned. Word of the Italian bishops. Thirty of them gathered a Benevento, three years after the first meeting, to ask politics not to abandon to themselves the internal areas of our country, which suffer from lack of services. The message is clear: no to the so-called “Differentiated autonomy” which would … Read more

SURVEY | Half of the students in Toledo go to school by car, 43.6% walking and only 7% by bus


Archive image of a street in Toledo / Photography: Bárbara D. Alarcón “The most dangerous place for a child is his home and his parents’ car”, is one of the ideas held by the Italian psychologist and cartoonist Franceso Tonucci, who is committed to a transformation of the urban structure in cities that allows ” … Read more

The 3 actors of The Walking Dead who left the series for unclear reasons


Characters come and go each season in The Walking Dead, and these bloody departures are often in line with what the comics dictate, or are sometimes crafted by the writers to advance the plot. But sometimes, the departure of an actor can be somewhat controversial, as in these 3 occasions. If they know anything about … Read more