More nutritionists to fight the war against the childhood obesity epidemic

War on childhood obesity. Four out of ten boys and girls and three out of ten adolescents in Spain are overweight. It is in households with very low income levels, where children are twice as likely to suffer from it. It is a “state matter”, according to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in … Read more

DIRECT. Back to parliament: the war in Ukraine is “a fight for our values”, says Elisabeth Borne before the National Assembly

Find here all of our live #POLITICS 4:58 p.m. : The Prime Minister’s speech is now over, but the debates continue in the hemicycle. We will continue to tell you about it in our live. 4:37 p.m. : “This conflict shows once again the importance of multilateralism: we are strong when we move forward together.” … Read more

The SDGs reach their halfway point slowed down by war and the pandemic


In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development«a guide, a commitment and a map with clear objectives and indicators» so that the countries undertake «a new path with which improve everyone’s life, without leaving anyone behind”, as stated in the United Nations declaration that was endorsed by all the member countries, including … Read more

School, a way for children traumatized by the war to “emerge from the chaos”


From Pakistan to Ukraine, from Mali to Venezuela or across sub-Saharan Africa, this United Nations fund – specializing in education in crisis zones – estimates that 222 million children living in countries at war or affected by climatic disasters suffer a significant disruption of their education. Nearly 80 million of them never set foot in … Read more

Matthieu Delormeau and Gilles Verdez at war: they settle their accounts and explain themselves in TPMP!


Fans of Touche not at my post are used to seeing columnists clash. It’s part of the show’s identity. Generally, arguments are as violent as they are inconsequential. The next show usually serves to mend relationships damaged by harsh words or heated debates, and everything goes back to normal. After all, Cyril Hanouna constantly compares … Read more

“It was like a long nightmare”: Ukrainian students return to school after six months of war


In kyiv schools, the hubbub of children in the corridors resounds again, after more than six months of absence. These children’s voices which are good to hear and which say everything about the return to an almost normal life. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in February, Ukrainian schools had been closed, so this … Read more

Monterosso: “The war seen by women” tomorrow, Wednesday 31 August


From the Municipality of Monterosso This summer, as part of one of the cultural reviews that we are planning, we will dedicate an event to war journalism, in its particular feminine declination. In fact, we believe that we can identify a particular trend in investigative journalism that reserves for women the singular and peculiar ability … Read more

State of the Union: how does the war in Ukraine affect the future of Europe?


After the summer break, the European quarter gradually came back to life. Citizens have in mind the worst drought in Europe for 500 years, the rise in inflation, the weakness of the euro and the war in Ukraine which is not about to end. But the institutions of the European Union pulled out all the … Read more

What the Russians see in the news: a war over Western plans to subjugate them


By The New York Times | Neil MacFarquhar “Vesti Nedeli,” the leading weekly news digest on Kremlin-controlled television, recently aired a lengthy chronicle about the predatory Western powers that fell apart when they invaded Russia: Sweden in the 18th century, France in the 19th, Germany in the XX. Enemies now seek to reverse those losses, … Read more