Harry Potter: a US media begs Warner to give up the reboot

“Please don’t reboot the ‘Harry Potter’ movies. We beg you.” This is what the American media Collider writes in an article indirectly addressed to Warner studios. A reboot of the Harry Potter movies? For Collider, the answer is clearly no and the arguments put forward are quite good. As the article clarifies, the film series … Read more

Harry Potter: the saga is not dead, Warner will produce new films

After 8 movies Harry Potter and 3 movies Fantastic Beasts, the magic saga could soon return to the big screen. Indeed, Warner Bros. Studios would be on the way to producing new adaptations of JK Rowling’s iconic novels. The firm wants to bring Harry Potter back to the big screen. Harry Potter: one of the … Read more

Château du Rocher Portail: accusing him of copying Harry Potter, Warner asked him to close


Arriving in front of the superb castle, located about thirty minutes south of Mont-Saint-Michel, four gigantic flags on the roof welcome the visitor, symbolizing as many schools: Fauvedor, Cerfdelune, Boucfleche and Busarde. Difficult, for fans of the saga imagined by JK Rowling, not to find a resemblance to the four houses of Hogwarts school: Gryffindor, … Read more

Death of David Warner, actor of Titanic and The Curse


British actor David Warner died on July 24 at the age of 80. A prolific second role, he had appeared in nearly 200 films or series and was known to the general public for his role as Caledon Hockley’s valet in James Cameron’s “Titanic”. David Warner is having a difficult childhood. His parents moved often … Read more