Arrested for shooting with compressed air weapons at a school and homes

The Civil Guard has arrested a sniper in Villamediana de Iregua (La Rioja) who was shooting from his home at homes, a school and a nursery with modified compressed air weapons, thereby creating a risk for people. This 41-year-old man modified compressed air rifles to increase their power or to convert them into prohibited weapons, … Read more

What explains the mass shootings in the United States? International comparisons suggest an answer: weapons

When the world looks at americahe sees a land of exceptions: a time-tested, if noisy, democracy, a crusader on foreign policy, an exporter of beloved music and movies. But there is a peculiarity that constantly puzzles to fans and critics in the United States. Why, they ask, so many are produced mass shootings? Perhaps, some … Read more

Drones and ART, the secret weapons of the FAC to maintain national security


National security, the defense of sovereignty and the care of natural resources are some of the fronts that the Colombian Air Force (FAC) covers each day, and for this, they take advantage of the tools that cutting-edge technology offers them. Among them, the remotely manned aircraft (ART), which in their basic form are called dronesbut … Read more

Bladed weapons and drugs in schools: The tocsin is ringing in schools | The Tunisian Press


We no longer speak of violence, but rather of enslavement in schools accompanied by a very high rate in terms of school dropouts with more than 100,000 since 2012. Two students stabbed since September, the first succumbed to serious injuries and the second was taken to hospital to receive the necessary treatment. The school year … Read more

Episodes of school violence escalate in Santiago: they include fights with weapons and situations of harassment


A increase in school violence has been recorded in recent weeks both in Santiago and nationally. in the last hours A new complaint was made for this type of incident at the Liceo Amunátegui, in the commune of Santiago, after a fight between students due to complaints of harassment. The companions of those affected defend … Read more

Relatives of Gilroy shooting victims sue those who distributed the weapons


GILROY, California – Relatives of some of the people who were killed or injured during a 2019 shooting at the California garlic festival are suing the companies that distributed the rifle used in the attack, claiming they did not take enough care to prevent misuse of the weapon. Two similar lawsuits filed in US District … Read more

Law is processed to prohibit listening to songs with lyrics that talk about weapons and drugs


In Congress, a group of parliamentarians believes that some songs of the urban genre have such an influence on children and young people, that they want to prohibit listening in schools to those that encourage drug use and carrying weapons. Do you agree? It is not a mystery that the cases in which children and … Read more

Disappointment and surprise in New York over Supreme Court ruling on weapons

First modification: 06/23/2022 – 19:32Last modification: 06/23/2022 – 19:30 New York (AFP) – Both the New York authorities and the ordinary population expressed their surprise and indignation at the Supreme Court ruling that allows the carrying of weapons in public and warn that the decision will breed more violence and undermine public safety. The ruling, … Read more