He quotes BRAQUE, reveals the projects and presents his wishes: Dominique CHAMBENOIT at the time of the chef’s surprises!

He had promised surprises, Dominique CHAMBENOIT, before approaching the ceremony of vows, allowing his constituents to live their first reunion of the year in their commune. They were therefore at the rendezvous, Saturday at the village hall! Starting with the aubade, concocted by the Vladimir COSMA School of Music, which punctuated with its tunes borrowed … Read more

“Berthoire will be converted into a park”: the mayor of Pignans presents his wishes and his projects for 2023

Two hundred seats occupied, nearly one hundred and fifty people standing, the Salle Berthoire was well filled. Fernand Brun’s wishes were launched on stage after a short screening retracing the major structural moments of… three years of office. And festive of 2022. Talking pictures The mayor went there with facts and touches of humor to … Read more

Chores in schools, parties in the streets: the magic of Christmas is back and best wishes to all readers from Vistanet

Franco is 6 years old and attends first grade. He shows me, with pride and a child’s smile, his Christmas craft made in class: a burlap bag filled with rice and shaped like a snowman. The little eyes, the nose and the hat, all right. In Franco’s heart there is the satisfaction of someone who, … Read more

The State wishes, with the assistance of the communities, to take the school in sobriety


Written by the school building unit of the Ministry of National Education (MEN), in conjunction with Ademe and Cerema, the document presents in the first part “recommendations” aimed at mobilizing pupils and staff on the issues of energy sobriety. Then proposals for action concerning the technical operation of the buildings, “in order to feed the … Read more

Reception of refugees: should a referendum be organized in Callac, as the Breton Party wishes?


By Laurent Le Fur Published on 28 Sep 22 at 17:12 The Echo of Argoat See my news Follow this media Jean-Yves Rolland, mayor of Callac. ©Laurent Le Fur For several weeks now, voices have been raised Callac to ask the mayor and his team to organize a referendum on the project to welcome refugeessupported … Read more

Motta San Giovanni, the wishes of the councilor Sonia Malara for the new school year


“The beginning of the school year is always a concentration of projects, programs, hopes, expectations, anxieties and fears. Our community is called to clothe itself with a very necessary adjective or “educating community” where the educational institution, administration and territory work synergistically with exchanges of relationships and intentionality in the training and growth path of … Read more

The Grand Luce. The architectural firm wishes to create a center bringing together different professionals


By Olivier Jaunay Published on Jun 27 ’22 at 12:14 PM The Courier – The Echo See my news Follow this media Angélique Chevreux and Hugo Vallienne in front of their current premises in the Cour des Communs, in Grand-Lucé, in southern Sarthe. ©Le Petit Courrier – Olivier JAUNAY The Grand Luce. Hugo Vallienne and … Read more