Zita Hanrot (Annie Colère): “A woman told me that I was going to “murder a human life”

On the poster of “Annie Colère” by Blandine Lenoir, Zita Hanrot plays Hélène, an activist nurse at the MLAC, and India Haïr embodies Claudine, one of the very first female gynecologists. We met them to tell us about this choral film and the importance of its subject. Annie Angera film about a struggle as important … Read more

La Nación / “I am proud to play a woman who fights for a better country”

The actress and communicator, one of the protagonists of “Leal 2: Comando Yaguareté” with her endearing character Betty, spoke with Nación Media about her beginnings in show business, her present, local cinema and her projects, in addition to what which represents reincarnating a woman who represents the desire of those who strive to build a … Read more

Dafne Viramontes, second woman in the presidency of the College of Economists


On November 17, the plenary session of the College of Economists of Aguascalientesprotested to the Board of Directors 2022-2024, an event that marked a historical event that had not occurred since 1988, since after 34 years, for the second time, a woman is at the head of the College of Economists of Aguascalientes: the teacher … Read more

Vicente Aranda – “Cambio de sexo” (“I want to be a woman”)


Victoria Abril boy © Karmafilms Dazzling Victoria Abril. Who, from the age of 17, could already play and play with masculine and feminine codes, dare to play one of the first trans-identity roles in the cinema in a country where homosexuality itself was still prohibited. Because let us know, it was not Almodovar who discovered … Read more

Naples, woman stuck in the courtyard of the Carlo Poerio school: “He wanted to kidnap a child”


Fear in Chiaia where, yesterday morning, inside the courtyard of the middle school “Carlo Poerio” A woman was stopped by the police. The alarm came from some parents who, shortly before eight o’clock, noticing the presence of “a lady who annoyed the children, followed them and annoyed them”, asked for the intervention of the police. … Read more

A woman denounced her ex for child abuse: she accuses him of sending pornography to her 11


Lorena Sartori is desperate and doesn’t know what else to do. After spending years away from her 11-year-old son, she thought that if she found a lawyer to help her, she would finally be able to get custody of the child. All she longed for was more time with him, though only three months ago … Read more

Will a woman preside over the National Association of Notaries in a world of men?


In the 21st century there are groups of power that put discriminatory obstacles on gender issues, this time against Guadalupe Díaz. If she becomes the president of the National Association of Notaries, she will be the first with that position in a jungle dominated by testosterone. Sandra Romandía’s column in OPINION 51. EMEEQUIS.– In the … Read more

María Elena Restrepo, the woman who sees with her heart | MyRedVista.co | Modern digital magazine.


Her commendable work in Fundavé, an entity that this Barranquilla woman created to help the visually impaired population, will be recognized by the Civic Association for Love of Barranquilla in a ceremony that will take place at Club ABC on November 16. María Elena Restrepo Posada completely lost her vision in the year 2000, and … Read more

‘Woman, and what?’, the musical that charges against their marginality made art


Raise awareness about the marginality suffered by women from the perspective of eight pictorial works: a few bites (Frida Kahlo); Perspective (Tamara de Lempicka); homeless (Thomas Benjamin Kennington); Portrait of Mary Blanchard (Tora Vega Holmstrom); the living room (Otto Dix); The mulatto (Diego Velazquez); The kick of the Moorish (Gabriel Puig Roda) andSurvivors (Käthe Kollwitz). … Read more

[Cinéma] Simone Veil: the destiny of an exceptional woman


After two previous female biopics (on Edith Piaf and Grace of Monaco), Olivier Dahan tackles the extraordinary character of Simone Veil, embodied by a totally inhabited Elsa Zylberstein. Hours of make-up, weeks of work on the voice and a communion of spirit with a great figure of the XXe century: Elsa Zylberstein had to “forget … Read more