Cisl school: “For workers, part of the arrears and contractual increases already in December”

General advice Cisl school Parma and Piacenza today with the presence of Ivana Barbacci, national secretary, and Monica Barbolini, regional secretary, participate in the work planned for the renewal of part of the secretariat, currently made up of Maria Gentilini, Paola Votto and Roberto Rocca. The national contract, which has just been renewed for the … Read more

Conferences against gender violence and for human rights are announced (+ Photos and Video) • Workers

The National Center for Sexual Education (Cenesex) announced at a press conference on November 23 the objectives and main activities of the Days against gender violence and for human rights, which take place every year between November 25 and November 10. december. This edition has the objective of strengthening the capacities of social actors and … Read more

Dishes to be washed by hand and malfunctioning ovens: school canteen workers protest


Exhausting workloads without being able to count on modern equipment and suitable structures: the cooks and school canteen workers in Rome “are exhausted” and if the change of pace loudly claimed does not come from the Municipality, they are ready to leave the kitchens of empty nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools. With the stove off. … Read more

Private temporary workers of 170 euros per month, Anief: in Cosenza the Court returns to a teacher the 3 thousand euros unduly subtracted from her salaries for non

It is well established that the temporary substitute teacher, hired for substitute reasons, even for short periods, renders “a service equivalent to that of the substituted worker” and that for “the principle of non-discrimination, sanctioned by clause no. 4 of the Framework Agreement CES, UNICE, CEEP on fixed-term work annexed to the European Council Directive … Read more

Ontario outlaws CUPE education workers’ right to strike


TORONTO — Ontario has just passed legislation outlawing the right to strike for 55,000 education workers represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and forced them into a contract. However, the union said it would still go on strike from Friday, for an indefinite period. Many school boards have said they will have … Read more

Honfleur: Karine Chaye helps workers change jobs and students find their way


By Delphine Revol Published on Oct 28, 22 at 4:00 PM The Pays d’Auge See my news Follow this media In her office in Honfleur, Karine Chaye welcomes people looking for clarity on their professional projects or their school orientation. ©Delphine REVOL In his practice installed in a building located in the port area at … Read more

Teacher card 500 euros to temporary workers, even the Marsala judge agrees. Anief wins appeal

Judgments continue to arrive on a daily basis from North to South Italy that oblige the Ministry of Education to reimburse precarious teachers for the failure to assign them the teacher’s card of 500 euros per year. This time – after four o’clock in Vercelli – to pronounce, just three days ago, the Civil and … Read more

In Luxembourg, “vegetarian” dishes nibble on the menus of school canteens | The border workers


Vegetarian and vegan dishes have literally exploded in the country’s canteens since last year. A trend that should grow even more in this year 2022-2023. Parents, residents or cross-border workers, with their children enrolled in schools in Luxembourg may have seen the difference: since last year, the share of vegan and vegetarian dishes has greatly … Read more

Meloni takes office and immediately the CdM to respond to emergencies: there are also those of the School. Pacifico (Anief) says where to intervene: contract, temporary workers, Pnrr reform, staff

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni took office today in Palazzo Chigi and then chaired the first Council of Ministers of her government which could produce the first emergency measures: among these, they must also be adopted for the school, where the new minister has arrived. of the Instruction Giuseppe Valditara. To ask forcefully is Marcello Pacifico, … Read more

He runs away from school at 8 and nobody notices: ‘If he denounces, social workers intervene’


He left school during class time without anyone – no teachers, no school assistants, much less the manager – noticing. He, Claudio (invented name, ed), 8 years old, wanted to go home to his mother. And since the teacher had rightly refused to please him, she had decided to do it all by herself. Running … Read more